I’m Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth.

I am an experienced artist, creative facilitator and researcher working at the intersection of performance, film and installation.

My work has been exhibited in a variety of contexts, including Turner Contemporary (2019), Big Screen Southend (2018), The National Maritime Museum (2016), SifDans Festival (2015) and last year my People United poetry-film ‘Navigating with Kindness‘ was featured on BBC Radio Kent.

My creative practice is a hybrid form of choreographic principles and digital creation, often sitting somewhere between performance, film and installation. In recent years by coincidence, my work has gravitated towards our experiences in natural environments and somehow reframing the beauty of the outdoors in indoors spaces such as galleries and museums.

Working with dance, photography, film, painting, installation and performance I would describe my practice as multi-disciplinary for sure. My work in recent years has also quite coincidentally gravitated towards seascapes and coastal spaces, which I find incredibly curious as someone who was born in the landlocked county of Yorkshire,

In 2018 I began my PhD journey at De Montfort University. My research study focuses on the role of digital technology in FE (further education) performing arts education and aims to find ways to redress the national shortfall in digital performance capabilities of students arriving at HE (higher education). Now in my third year, I have developed a model for exploring digital tools to explore digital performance making and devising possibilities in what I have titled the ‘Digital Circuit Training Model.’

This model introduces participants to a range of digital tools such as; video manipulation softwares, smartphone audio-visual techniques, projection work and audio soundscape production. Using low-fi, everyday and available technologies and softwares that won’t break the bank, this research will move towards the publication of an online digital resource which showcases a range of tools and ways of using them for performance making. This work aims to empower students and teachers to explore the creative possibilities of digital technology and provide a stepping stone for learners who want to progress into higher education.

Prior to this research, in 2016 I was appointed as a research associate on a a two-year research project at the University of Kent with Professor Paul Allain and Frank Camilleri, to develop an online digital resource for physical actor training. The resource – the first of its kind – was published in July 2018 by Methuen Drama Bloomsbury and comprises of over 60 films for training in physical acting. These films include experimental techniques and filmic approaches for capturing training, using onscreen text, animation and annotation of filmed studio material.

Since that project, I have continued to work with Paul and Frank, and we recently co-edited the Theatre Dance and Performance Training journal special issue on Digital Training which is available now.

Affiliated roles:

  • Trustee at Jasmin Vardimon Education Company
  • HE advisory board member Digital Theatre Plus (DT+)