Navigating with Kindness BBC interview with Dominic King

Interview with Dom King aired June 2020 In response to the situations forced by the global pandemic, arts and kindness charity People United curated a series of reflections called Navigating with Kindness: A response to COVID-19 . The project enlisted contributions from a range of artists, researchers, creative industries professionals and more in an attempt to creatively capture [...]

Dance & precariousness

After reading todays Guardian article Side hustle essential: how Covid brought dancers to their knees by Lyndsey Winship, I was compelled to reflect on my past decades worth of work and the underlying precarity that I have managed to withstand as I have navigated the rocky terrain of the arts world. I never really thought [...]


Trinity Laban Voices in Motion over 60's dancers, 2019 To all my fellow #dance & #performance pals I’ve seen so many of you shifting your practice and embracing the digital to connect with existing and new participants globally! Generously turning your living spaces into home studios and helping people get out of their seats and their minds and really [...]

There’ll be a day, hopefully not long from now.

There’ll be a day, hopefully not long from nowwhen families will be reunited with cuddles and kisses not pixels on screens or live streams but people, together and our hands will heal. Friends will sit side by side, laughing as we occupy our favourite spaces againsigns saying 'temporarily closed' and 'hope to see you soon' on the doors will go, and [...]

International Platform for Performer Training 2020 – Alternative documentation

This year, I co-organised the International Platform for Performer Training along with Paul Allain, Roanna Mitchell and Alicja Bral. Over the course of a January weekend our international delegates explore the theme Words In, Of and For Performer Training in a series of workshops, presentations and discussions. It was a rich and engaging weekend full [...]


there are times when I truly believethat I have always known who you areyour tastes, your desires, your dreamsa triangle of coloursthe person whose refection I seein square window panes and puddlesand in the hearts of those I lovebut the truth is that you, my dearyou are ephemeral and forever renewingas fresh as the first [...]

I co-edited a journal!

I was lucky enough to be asked to co-edit and design the cover image for the July 2019 edition of the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training special issue on Digital Training, which is available now! Photo: Hannah Newman exploring Frank Camilleri's 360 degree sphere exercise in Physical Actor Training: an online A-Z The journal explores some aspects [...]

The sky

Lately I've been spending a lot of my time looking upThe skyThe vast cavernous rooftop that is endless and ever changingIt's a connection between me and and the worldA path from me to youA deep pit of blue, peppered with stars, stretching far and wideA cocoon in which the earth restsA way inThe way out [...]