Inside This Time (2019)| Screendance Film

Inside this time is a screendance work made in collaboration with ‘Voices in Motion’ an over-60’s performance group led by dance artists Bethan Peters and musician Natasha Lohan from Trinity Laban. The group focusses on creatively combining movement and vocals in weekly sessions and often work towards making live performance work.

This collaboration was the result of a one-day shoot, where I recorded the woman exploring various sections of the work they had generated during the group sessions, in a public green space in Bellingham.

The soundtrack was recorded by Natasha Lohan, then manipulated within the edit of the work and captures the beauty of the women’s voices juxtaposed against the busy sounds of the city.

Inside This Time is a homage to growing older and braver taking risks and leaps of faith, adjusting to the chaos of the modern world and revelling in moments of quiet.