Over the years Stacie has worked with London-based dance artists Igor and Moreno recording several of their R&D processes and to document their live shows. Working with such a dynamic duo, with such strong aesthetic identities was a thoroughly liberating experience for Stacie, where she was given the opportunity to observe and recreate visually, some of the powerful imagery created in their live works.

Spot the Difference was the primary version of the newest work  ‘A Room for All our Tomorrows’ by London-based duo Igor and Moreno in collaboration with Aoife McAtamney. The work deals with themes of similarity, difference, belonging and uniqueness. In Spot the Difference, Moreno and Aoife – with Igor creating with them from the outside – perform alongside each other; and although they are completely different, they look confusingly similar to reflect where difference and similarity lie and how these attributes can be revealed and hidden.

We worked with Stacie as part of the research phase of two upcoming productions, namely ‘Spot The Difference’(ARFAOT) and ‘SMOKE’. Stacie filmed rehearsals and public sharings of both from which she then edited teasers and short documentaries.

The two projects were distinct in nature and concept and Stacie was able to approach them in two different ways, managing to appropriate each concept and develop it coherently in the medium of film, choosing specific kinds of shots and editing for each.

She proved to be very eager, creative and communicative and she was not afraid of taking bold choices in order to achieve a clear direction for the work. The final work was high-quality and non-conventional.

It was a very stimulating collaboration, we look forward to be working again together and would definitely recommend Stacie to our colleagues.

Igor and Moreno