ECHO (ECHO) 2020

In 2020 I worked with a group of talented Performing Arts students from Canterbury College over the course of four 1.5 hour creative workshops with the ambition that we would create a brand new work, to share with an audience.

Over the course of the workshops we explored performance making through the lens of audiovisual production and video manipulation, experimenting with new techniques and creative tools including live feed projection and Isadora programming.

The students developed original texts through workshop explorations and they began generating movement and video material on the self-assigned theme of existence and internal monologues. The work brought up questions of identity, surveillance and the notion of online/offline presence and the students decided to use the technologies to abstract/fragment their personal monologues to play with the edges of reality vs fabrication.

The show Echo (Echo) was a 20 minute performance installation, which invited the audience to move around the space as they wished, experience the multiple screens, sounds and live moments happening throughout the space.