Daphne in Three Movements |Online installation

Launched in March 2018, Daphne in Three Movements is an online audio-visual tryptic. The idea, originally developed by director Rosie Klich and performers Foxtale Ensemble and Daisy Orton, was a live show looking at the story of daphne through physical theatre, making reference to physical transformation and body awareness.

During the R&D of the live show, Stacie was invited to record the process and capture scenes as they developed and changed. Stacie represented the work as a tryptic of edit films and along with a binaural soundscape design by Eoin Furbank, the films became part of a three-part digital installation.




At times the lens became a Daphne in its own right, however it was increasingly apparent that the somewhat intrusive presence of the camera lens had a tendency to feel more like an Apollo.