Daphne in Three Movements is an online audio-visual installation exploring the mythical Greek character of Daphne. To escape the pursuit of the sun-god Apollo, the nymph Daphne chooses to be transformed into a laurel tree. Addressing this theme of physical transformation and resulting changes in body awareness, we respond to Daphne’s story using physical theatre, sound and video across three ten minute artworks. Offering an immersive contemplation of the relationship between sound and image, this installation has been developed to be viewed full screen using headphones.

The Project


Daphne in Three Movements: THE CHASTE from Rosie Klich on Vimeo.

Launched in March 2018, Daphne in three movements is an online audio-visual tryptic. Stacie’s role in this project was to capture and hone scenes developed by Rosie and the team during the R&D of the live Daphne show and re-present them specifically for screen.

At times the lens became a Daphne in its own right, however it was increasingly apparent that the somewhat intrusive presence of the camera lens had a tendency to feel more like an Apollo.