A note from 2013

One day in 2013. Today was a Monday. Quite the none starter. Being quite a fresh MFA graduate, I still feel like an enclosed caterpillar of education waiting for the right time to burst free from my chrysalis into a beautiful life as a flourishing butterfly, where all hopes and dreams come true. (Yeah,right!) Meanwhile [...]

Igor and Moreno | Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference, was the first iteration of the piece A Room for All our Tomorrows by London-based performance duo Igor x Moreno in collaboration with Aoife McAtamney. The work deals with themes of identity, belonging and uniqueness. In Spot the Difference Moreno and Aoife - with Igor creating with them from the outside - [...]

Chisato Ohno, Simon Ellis + Jackie Shemesh | Pause. Listen

I have worked with Simon Ellis on various dance and film projects and he invited me to record Pause.Listen a work he choreographed for dancer Chisato Ohno with lighting designer Jackie Schemesh. I photographed and documented the work performed at The Place using three camera's set at different heights. The performance shifts and adapts to [...]

Public Displays of Affection | Nylon Theatre

In 2013, I performed as part of Nylon Theatre in their site specific work Public Displays of Affection at London Bridge Live Arts Festival. The work - a promenade piece - weaved playful improvisation and audience interactivity with choreographic games and rhythmic gestures.  REVIEW: NYLON THEATRE - PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION - KING’S COLLEGE MEMORIAL [...]