there are times when I truly believe
that I have always known who you are
your tastes, your desires, your dreams
a triangle of colours
the person whose refection I see
in square window panes and puddles
and in the hearts of those I love
but the truth is that you, my dear
you are ephemeral and forever renewing
as fresh as the first raindrop of spring
one side of a coin
a shadow that doesn’t match
as old as you’ve ever been
a building block on top of what was before
the other side of a coin
or the concave of a spoon
a self-portrait drawn with invisible ink
malleable and soft like dough
direct like an arrow
like the symmetry of a cloud
a beautiful paradox
with more sides than a dodecahedron.

© Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth, 2019

Posted by:Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth

I'm a Dance artist, filmmaker & PhD candidate interested in performing arts, digital technology and education.

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