Trinity Laban Voices in Motion over 60’s dancers, 2019

To all my fellow #dance & #performance pals I’ve seen so many of you shifting your practice and embracing the digital to connect with existing and new participants globally!

Generously turning your living spaces into home studios and helping people get out of their seats and their minds and really into their bodies! 🏃🏼‍♀️ I’d like to make something, not really in response to all this, but more just to feel connected with you all.

My screendance practice has been waning as my PhD writing amps up and as the possibility of physical collaboration is void, I’d like to make something together. I’m calling out for 10 second clips of you dancing/moving at home, that I can repurpose into one film. For the purpose of this I’d like your 10 second clip to consider the relationship between the body and the frame of the camera. How do you enter and exit the frame? What movement is captured? What happens off screen? Think of your proximity to the camera and the position and how this shifts over the take. Is the lens moving or still? Are you filming yourself or is it more of a duet between the camera and the body? Your clip should focus on movement – whatever that means to you in these times. Also, hit record a few seconds before you start and give yourself a few seconds at the end too before you cut it off. Please film in landscape for the purpose of the edit 🙂

If you’d like to take part let me know. I’ll collect all clips by Friday 10th April. Remember every body is a dancer.

For some screendance inspiration:

Vimeo Screendance Collective
Katrina McPherson
Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films

Stay safe everyone. 💛 

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