Navigating with Kindness BBC interview with Dominic King

Interview with Dom King aired June 2020

In response to the situations forced by the global pandemic, arts and kindness charity People United curated a series of reflections called Navigating with Kindness: A response to COVID-19 . The project enlisted contributions from a range of artists, researchers, creative industries professionals and more in an attempt to creatively capture this very unique moment in time.

For my contribution I created a poetry-film that captured my very personal experience of the lockdown period and aimed to provide a brief moment of calm for any audiences who encountered it.

After sharing my work across social media, Dom King got in touch and asked if I would discuss the work and project on his BBC show. We had a really rich discussion about art, creativity and the process of making the work and you can listen to the conversation interweaved with lines direct from my poem, above.

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