Portfolio Imagery 2019

Turner Contemporary – Early Years Commission
In 2019 I was commissioned alongside my long-term collaborator Bethan Peters to deliver a series of workshops and to develop an artwork with children age 0-4 and their families. During the workshops we used polaroid, GoPro and disposable cameras so that the children could also document the work and become creators within the workshop. (GoPro selfie below by E aged 2!) At the end of the workshop series each family had created a photo-memory book of their experience. Our film installation High Tide | Low Tide is on show as part of the Seaside Photographed exhibition and below are some screenshots taken from the film. Our second work Tide and Seek is a huge floor map inspired by the way children navigate the gallery, making their own routes and journeys through space. The work was child-led and as with any project with children, there was flexibility within the structure that we developed for the project. This meant that week on week we were surprised by their curious nature and ability to find joy in everyday moments.

Digital workshops with young people
I am currently in the second year of my PhD. My research considers the role of digital technology in performing arts education. Over the course of the last year, I developed and led a series of workshops with young people which look at ways to incorporate digital technology into performance work and include; creative documentation through smartphone filmmaking, video manipulation using Isadora software (shown below) and other audio visual imaging techniques. Below is a photograph of a student who has manipulated a live video stream and through simple projection mapping has projected it onto a cardboard box.

I am an experienced workshop leader and have taught Screendance at degree level, delivered filmmaking workshops to students and teachers and I have delivered CPD for teachers and practitioners who want to explore digital tools in their creative work.

National Maritime Museum – Dancefilm Installation
Who is the land is a film project exploring ‘hidden gems’ around the UK and observes the stories and histories of unique places and people. Taking a sensitive approach to the environment through the use of low-impact camera techniques, the work documents the changing landscapes and seascapes around the coastline of the UK.

The 6-month installation – which included the film and a photographic series – was developed in response to artist Bethan Peters’ yearlong choreographic residency at Royal Museums Greenwich and was on show in the explorer gallery in the NMM.

Artist Shoot – Miriam Gould & Judita Vivas
For this work, I directed some improvised scene taken from the performers upcoming work and I used various film and photographic techniques to stylise the scenes. The images were used for both promotional purposes and also as dramaturgical tools for them to develop the work further. I have worked with various artists to document their creative processes as a filmmaker and photographer.

Daphne in Three Movements – Rosie Klich & Foxtale Ensemble
Launched in March 2018, Daphne in Three Movements is an online audio-visual tryptic. The idea, originally developed by director Rosie Klich and performers Foxtale Ensemble and Daisy Orton, was a live show looking at the myth of Daphne through the lens of physical theatre, making reference to transformation and body awareness.

During the R&D of the live show, I was invited to record the process and capture scenes as they developed and changed. I represented the work as a tryptic of edited films and along with a binaural soundscape designed by Eoin Furbank, the films became part of a three-part digital installation that has been shown at various venues including being a featured work at Big Screen Southend. Below are screen shots from the second film, The Change filmed at 5am on a fresh summer morning in the River Stour.